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Two Wheel Drive (C1)

PosCar #DriverVehicleAX1AX2AX3AX4AX5AX6Total TimePenaltiesGrand TotalBehindTo Leader
118Mathew Van Der Kloet1996 Acura Integra GSR2:55.02:50.02:49.02:45.52:39.42:40.313:44.2-13:44.2--
232Steve Mikaric1986 Volvo 7603:00.03:22.32:58.02:59.82:52.93:32.215:13.0-15:13.01:28.81:28.8
37Marilyn Junkin2003 Cadillac CTS5:19.13:34.43:26.43:30.03:54.95:09.619:35.3-19:35.34:22.35:51.1
426 Tyler Junkin2003 Cadillaca CTSDNF3:18.53:35.93:45.5DNF4:11.119:51.0-19:51.015.76:06.8

* denotes a penalty applies to the run time but isn't included.

DNS and DNF have a default time of 5 minutes.

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